Award-winning Catamarans Performance and luxury all the way

HH Catamarans

Award-winning Catamarans Performance and luxury all the way


HH Catamarans | One of the world's most luxurious catamarans. For those with ultimate demands on precision and quality

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Quality of life.

Enjoying sailing with your HH Catamaran is about quality of life. This is something we offer all our customers.

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World-class construction and execution. When you buy an HH Catamaran, you will be amazed about its excellent quality.


HH Catamarans - Nordic Europe

Award-winning catamarans, state-of-the-art construction, enviable performance and luxury. Sail comfortably without compromise.

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Hudson Yachts Catamarans are built with a passion for sailing and covers the full spectrum of boats
that we use to enjoy our time on the water.

HH Series | Hudson Yacht Group has built a new generation of high-performance luxury, cruising-catamarans. Faster, stronger and more stable than anything in its class, the HH Catamarans are the
ultimate choice for those looking for a versatile yacht and want the best. Hudson Yacht Group builds its catamarans to order based on the customer's wishes. The HH models are currently being built:
HH44, HH44 Open, HH50, HH55, HH60, HH66, HH77 and also HH88.

Ocean Series | Ocean draws inspiration from the original HH catamaran line and delivers luxury cruising catamarans with high safety and at a lower cost and faster construction time. The shared pedigree is obvious: Morrelli & Melvin design and construction, state-of-the-art boat building processes and a careful eye for aesthetics and quality with a high finish. By combining the HH brand's strengths with new production efficiency and cheaper materials, the Ocean Series makes the dream of sailing on all the world's oceans possible.


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HH Catamarans was formed in early 2012 and set about developing a new brand, something extraordinary.
In the years since "HH" has come to represent a commitment to the quality and success of every boat built.

"This is a new generation of luxury high performance cruising cats - the goal is to take multihull yachting to the next level."

Paul Hakes, HH


HH Catamarans builds state-of-the-art catamarans in carbon fibre with extremely high performance.
Here is everything for a sailor looking for the best.

High-performance cruising catamarans

We take multi-hull sailing to the next level

HH Catamarans dressed for success

Luxurious dinner on a luxurious catamaran

For you who demand performance!

Are you looking for challenge, speed and fun sailing?

Performance | Luxury | Carbon constrution

SailCenter of Sweden
Sandbyhovsvägen 7
59 470 Loftahammar Sweden

Hotline - +46 73 6540 441

Short about us

Nordic Europe HH Catamarans are handled by professionals who are part of the SailCenter of Sweden.

As a customer, you are always in focus and we always do our best for you!

A warm welcome to Nordic Europe HH Catamarans

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